Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 44: Restaurant-less Date Night

This weekend we had dinner on the patio of the cutest little bistro around.  Our own home.

 We put the kids down to bed, and by some miraculous act of God, they all went straight to sleep.

A candle in a mason jar, a flower from the yard, our best linens and dishes, and Serena Ryder on the stereo.  Sounds like date night to me.

We sat and talked and laughed together in the candlelight for hours until the mosquito chased us inside.

A simple, quiet, delightful evening on the porch.  A fabulous restaurant-less date night. 

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  1. Romance!! So cute!

  2. Wow! It all looks SO good.
    Love the fabric of the chairs.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aaw, this is so cute!
    You inspire me everyday!

  4. Nice and the sleeping children...major BONUS!!

  5. I adore this! Why are the simplest things the most beautiful? We will be moving into a new home in a few short weeks and I have been looking at this change as an opportunity to sort of "re-set" our homelife; i.e. focus more on enjoying being home, simplifying, finding beauty and joy in simple pleasures...and I think home date nights will fit in with this, too.


  6. I resonate so much with the comment above! Thank you so much for the inspiration of this post and this blog. Keep it up for 365 days for us. :-)

  7. I am so hoping my two kiddos choose to sleep at the same time one of these days... it's not quite date night with a baby hanging off your boob :) Love the chair fabric...

  8. love this idea! we are looking for ways to save money and this is something i would definitely do! thanks for all the inspiration!

  9. Another vote for that fantastic chair fabric. Super swoon!

  10. Ha, as I was reading, I was thinking, "Okay, but what about the bugs???? Seriously!" and then you answered that question. Lovely idea. My husband and I actually love cooking together, so this would be pretty fun for us.

  11. I'm so intrigued by you and your hubs. You are really fun delicious people - glad u had a lovely evening x


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