The Rules

This is our manifesto of sorts.  Our commitment.  It is necessarily quite vague and abstract.  As our journey progresses we will discover how to live these principles out in our daily lives.

To us, simplifying is all about minimizing the things that don't matter to make room for the things that do.  Every day for one year we will do something to foster a simpler life.  This year, we are committing to:

1. Consuming less and having less.
  • We will shop less, buy less, eat less, spend less.
  • We will buy used or borrow whenever possible.
  • We will radically reduce our possessions so that we can spend less time caring for stuff and more time caring for people.
2. Consuming consciously.
  • We will search out reputable, ethical companies.
  • We will get to know our local trades people, farmers and artisans and support them whenever possible.
3. Eating real food.
  • We will not buy any highly processed convenience foods (we will be buying some simple processed ingredients like flour and butter)
  • We will not dine out unless invited as part of a social occasion (such as a Birthday party at a restaurant)  [UPDATE:  We, um....kinda cheat on this one once in a while...]
  • We will choose to buy meat that is (in our opinion) ethically and sustainably raised.
4. Reducing our environmental impact.
  • We will take steps to reduce our energy consumption.
  • We will explore ways to generate less waste.
  • We will choose environmentally friendly products, but more importantly, we will just buy less products.
  • We will teach our children to be responsible stewards of the land.
5.  Spending our time intentionally.
  • We will be more cognizant of how we choose to invest our time.  Even "wasted" time should be intentionally wasted for the sake of leisure and rest.
  • We will minimize distractions so that we can be more available to those around us.  
6.  Pursuing greater self-sufficiency.
  • If we can make it, grow it, or do it ourselves, we will.  Or at least, we will try to.
  • We will teach our children valuable skills so that they can grow up to be producers, not consumers.
7. Giving more.
The whole point of using less is that it leaves us with more to give.  Not just our money, but our time,  our energy, our selves.  This year we commit to giving more of our selves and our resources to our friends, our family, our community, and those in need.