About Us

By western standards, we don't have much.  We have five (soon to be six)  kids in a house little more than 1000 sq. feet.  We live with one vehicle, no fancy vacations, on one modest income.

But we still have too much.  Too much stuff, too much debt, too much to do.  Too many things vying for our attention.

As Christians we believe that we are meant to be world changers.  Compassionate.  Radical. Set apart for God. This world and its stuff ought not to have a hold on us.  But it does.  Somewhere along the line we traded Jesus in for a Christianized version of the American Dream.  We grew cold to the needs of a starving world. We fell for the lie that what we really need comes from a store. It doesn't.

So consider this a fast of sorts.  Or an experiment.  Or a personal resolution with the added accountability that living your life online brings.

Want to know more?  Check out The Rules of this project or find out how you can join us!

Luke & Kelly